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The world has come a long way in terms of sophistication. Almost all the spheres of life reflect that. Be it the jobs, the dressing, the conveyance or even how one carries himself. Almost all the office spaces are air-conditioned now-a-days in India. Homes are becoming more cooler. So are the people who live in them.

People used to be conscious about their dressing from quite some time. However, it is in the recent decades that Keralites are getting more and more aware of smelling good. By afternoon, in a tropical place the smell of perspiration fills an otherwise cool atmosphere and makes it less pleasant. It is time that we follow the overseas culture of smelling good, beyond perfumes and shampoos. Even the fresh smell of the attire we wear counts. It brings freshness all around.



Our strength lies in the fact that our comprehensive investment and value management initiatives are driven by a strong planning process that culminates into strategic high level 3-year plans.

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