Business Overview


World is on a cleanliness drive. So are we here. We are on a drive to make daily living more fragrant and clean.

We are a set of young entrepreneurs who have set out to make our lives better and on a mission to make others’ too. Billman Lifestyle Products LLP. is the group we have founded two years back. We stand contended at the annual performances of the company. The simple reason being Qiyara - the way in which it received overwhelming so far.

Qiyara expresses itself with its punch - live clean. With the Qiyara Liquid Detergent, Toilet Soap and Handwash hitting the overseas markets, the Billman Group is announcing a big leap into the future.


“Billman focuses on quality, hygiene, cleanliness and fragrance. Qiyara gives 100% guarantee for the quality of its products. Each product is clinically proven and it passes stringent quality tests before its over-the-counter sales. The approval & authorized certifications from places like India, Middle-East, Canada & Maldives stand testimonies for the same.


Our strength lies in the fact that our comprehensive investment and value management initiatives are driven by a strong planning process that culminates into strategic high level 3-year plans.

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