The Focus

The Focus

The key strength and focus have been – and continued to be – our ability to optimize returns for our stakeholders across our high-profitability portfolio.

Qiyara has been consistently profitable since its inception, despite dramatic market changes. Each of our products is strategically chosen based on extensive due diligence, future market potential and its ability to synergize with and leverage the wider portfolio. Each selected division is equipped with a clear investment plan, a definite timeline and a carefully crafted exit strategy.


We respect all human beings; and tolerance is at the heart of our working ethos. We act diligently and with integrity, deal ethically with all, strive for excellence in whatever we do, encourage initiatives, empower our people and act ‘corporate’ but with an entrepreneurial flair.


Our strength lies in the fact that our comprehensive investment and value management initiatives are driven by a strong planning process that culminates into strategic high level 3-year plans.

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