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Budgeting the accurate investment options besides framing an accurate action plan. With properly scheduled board meetings, structured R&D- Sales Meetings, Staff Meetings followed by performance appraisal meetings, we ensure maximum productivity.

Billman group shall bear 50% of the total investments. The second half shall be open to investors with sound financial background with a passion towards business. The prints of step by step explanation and the terms & conditions shall be presented along with this brochure. A Massive Product Launch is scheduled on March 2018.


The Billman Group finds it a privilege to announce that when a customer buys any of our products; he or she shall be contributing Re1 to the education of a poor student.

Besides, we take care of the ecological system and environment in the best possible way. The customized Plant assures labour to deserved persons and families of the region.


Billman shall necessitate shares from interested and passionate businessmen to join hands with as partners. The long-term benefits promises equal share as the directors in all the outlets.

The common terms and benefits include:

  • 1. Limited Liability to everyone
  • 2. Every partner will be issued a contribution certificate which is the proof of investment in LLP
  • 3. Flexibility in transfer of partnership right to the other
  • 4. No tax on distributed profit
  • 5. Refund of investment in case of death to the legal heirs or nominees
  • 6. Right to get a copy of financial statements of LLP every year and to participate in annual meeting


In the wake of the unpredictable world financial situation and the exaggerated hues of recession; the proposed budget may subject to modification.
However, as soon as the demonetization hues pass by, we shall give a lucrative financial statement


Our strength lies in the fact that our comprehensive investment and value management initiatives are driven by a strong planning process that culminates into strategic high level 3-year plans.

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