The Company


The USP is quality. The aim is to open all the three divisions in our own plant by 2020. The theme and strategy will reflect fragrance and hygiene. We are engaging ourselves to bring in a wave of inspiration in cleaning products.

We have an intuitive approach to spread the awareness of the goodness of using liquid detergents , which has already completed its first phase of selling. The idea of inspiring a change in the mind set of upper and middle class families by way of liquid detergents include the...

  • a) The 24 hour lingering fragrance
  • b) No white or coloured patches
  • c) Tie ups with supermarkets, hypermarkets and popular retailers in India and abroad.

As an initial step, we have already covered 10,000 counter sales.


Expertise is what we emphasise on. We take the best picks from each field, such as R&D, PR, HR, Marketing and Purchase. We assure sales to the retailers and support them with our R & D team and feedbacks.


Our strength lies in the fact that our comprehensive investment and value management initiatives are driven by a strong planning process that culminates into strategic high level 3-year plans.

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